Sam Weston Founded Battlemage films in 2018 with the goal in mind to bring unique and fresh ideas to the growing film community in Duluth. With the aid of colleagues and friends, he is close to realizing that vision. Now he seeks to take on a new challenge.


Our Mission

To build connections and to utilize local talent to bring a unique spin on how multimedia is created and shared. Emphasizing enjoyable experiences, unique styles, and green technologies. Our creative experts will work directly with you to get the perfect message you are trying to convey. Weather it be commercial, promotional, informative, or just for fun.

Samuel T. Weston

Samuel T. Weston

Find awesome sounding quote that Sam has said that relates to what we wanna do.
— Sam Weston

What We've Achieved

  • Multiple Short films

  • Our first Feature length Film Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry.

  • Many custom design logos and prints.

  • All of which have been self-taught or instructed through industry professionals