Founded in the year twenty-eighteen of the Common Era, Battlemage Films hails from the forests and farmlands of Minnesota. We firmly believe that our home is the perfect playground to create fantasy movies, and as we grow we’ll continue to prove it. Between titles like Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry and Errant Worlds, our short films on YouTube, and all the other ideas we have in the forge, we hope you join us in laughing, weeping, and gaping in awe.

This is what Fantasy was meant to be.


We’re giddy about fantasy stories. Some of us love to build exciting new worlds. Others enjoy the artistry of it all. Whatever the reason, we all demand quality in everything we do, and we’re getting better with each day.


Looking for an eye catching ad or a new promo video to showcase yourself or your product? Maybe you need someone to help capture that special moment, or maybe you just want something amazing. Whatever it is, let us help you make magic.