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Whatever you need, let Battlemage be your hero. Whether it's an epic quest to slay a dragon or a menial task like collecting the rear ends of twenty bears, we've got you covered.


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Writing services

Do you have a concept but don't know how to write it? Want someone to edit your work? Our team is full of skilled and passionate writers who know their way around the English language.

Where there's fantasy nerds, there's bound to be writers.



We're filmmakers. It's in our blood. We always aim for quality at Battlemage, and we get better with every project.

We're ready to tackle short films, music videos, TV commercials, events, weddings, and documentary work.



Already have some footage and just need to make it pretty? That's cool. We can help there too!

Our team is equipped to do video editing, color grading, and graphic design, and we're always expanding our arsenal to give you more options.


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