In Which We Prepare for Battle


Fall is on the rise, which means it's high time we gave you a much-deserved update on how the studio is progressing.

First, some obligatory Gleahan updates.

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The movie is inching closer and closer to a wide release. Frankly, at this point, we're just waiting to hear back from a few key film festivals before we know how soon you can get Gleahan DVDs in your hands.

We have our fingers crossed for one particular festival in mid-January. If they accept us, the movie gets seen by a lot more people than ever before. If they don't accept us, however, that means we could feasibly have digital downloads (and maybe hard copies!) available for you by Christmas.

If nothing else, we're in talks with some people to set up screenings across the Arrowhead region. We'll have more details about those as things get finalized.

Writing Mode: Activate!

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But Gleahan isn't all we do! Our writers now have 10 short film scripts in various stages of writing, with another 2 or 3 on the way. They're all fantasy. We're excited about some of them. And the ones we're not excited about will be dragged out behind the tavern and beaten into submission by our MIGHTY PEN-SWORDS!


The point is, even if we stay quiet, we won't sit still. We can't. We refuse.

We're really excited for the road ahead, and we'll have more details as the dust settles.

For now, we prepare for battle...

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