For Once, We're Not Just Shilling Gleahan


These are exciting times for Battlemage Films. New projects, new ideas, and new faces to see.

First, though, a few Gleahan updates.

Great. This again.

Great. This again.


We know. We know. We'll make it quick.

  • Sound -- Every week the sound design gets better and better. Elements are being dropped in as we speak, we'll get the final mix going in mid-July, and we'll have everything done in time for our Gen Con screening on August 3.

  • Music -- Sam has reached out to a bunch of orchestras and choirs in the Arrowhead region but, unfortunately, none of them are able to record the music in the short timeframe we have. We're gonna chalk this up to "the one that got away," because we've also heard some feedback that the MIDI score we do have fits the tone of the movie really well.

  • When can I see the movie again? -- We'd love to get some more screenings at Duluth theaters, but it's up to each theater whether or not they want to show the movie.

  • Now that the movie's done, when can I get a DVD? -- Most film festivals don't like it when DVDs are already out in the wild, which means we have to keep the movie close to the chest until the festival circuit is done. If we don't get a distribution deal by December, we're going to ship it out ourselves. If that's the case, you can expect DVDs to be available in January or February.

Alright. What's Next?

We're glad you asked!



Tonight we film the test run of our new web series, "Battlemage D&D" (working title). We've assembled an awesome cast of writers and actors, plus a super-cool editing team, and we should have some sample footage ready to go on YouTube at the beginning of August.

Improvised storytelling means we literally don't know what's going to happen at tonight's recording session, which means we're physically unable to give you any kind of spoilers! Wheee!


In other news, Sam wrote a new short film! "The Paladin" will be a stepping-stone project as we develop our style and our talented team. We'd like to film it in the winter, and we'll keep you posted every step of the way.

That's all we have for now. We're really excited for the coming year as we build up the studio, and we're glad you're along for the ride.

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