That Time Gleahan Premiered to a Packed Theater


It happened! The premiere is done! Gleahan is a success!


I'm so proud of all the cast and crew, and the community members who came out to see the movie. The amount of praise I've heard from everyone at the screening is hugely validating.

It sounds impossible, but I had a hard time finding anyone with bad things to say about the movie. The sound needs a ton of work. Even I know that. But aside from that, it sounds like people were blown away. One audience member even told me we have a cult classic on our hands.

I spent a year working on this movie, and the road may go on but this milestone gives me a good chance to sit down for a bit and smile because of just how much we accomplished together.

Gleahan  cast and crew.

Gleahan cast and crew.


But we can't get complacent. The road ahead isn't long, but it's tough. Every day, I'm in touch with my sound designer so we can clean up the audio. I found a sound mixer at the premiere who wants to contribute his skills to make the sounds all blend together. And today I begin reaching out to grant-givers so we can build up our music budget.

For now, I take a short rest.  I'm going to enjoy the rest of the Duluth-Superior Film Festival. I also want to get away to the Boundary Waters to think about characters and worldbuilding for my next movie.

Samuel T Weston