One Week Away


It's time! The premiere is nearly upon us!

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As we get closer to the premiere, it's high time we give you some updates.

FIRST! Events!

We have a Facebook event page going for the Duluth-Superior Film Fest screening. Make sure to check that out if that's your jam.

SECOND! Pre-orders!

The Gleahan soundtrack will be available on Bandcamp the moment we premiere, and we're taking DVD pre-orders right now over on our new Wares page.



THIRD! Progress!

Post-production is coming along swimmingly. Things have been a little rocky behind-the-scenes, but the film is shaping up quite nicely. Certain things will need to be polished after the DSFF premiere, but the cut you'll see on Thursday will be a near-complete version of the movie.

The only real thing we haven't been able to do was record the score with a chamber orchestra and choir like Sam wanted. To do that we need a bigger budget, and we'll be reaching out to investors in early June to make that happen.

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"But I thought you said the soundtrack was available!"

And it is! The version you hear is based on the temporary MIDI tracks we've been working with. But, if you order the soundtrack now, you'll also get a free copy of the orchestral soundtrack when it comes out! Double-win!

And, one final note...

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We shot the final scene.

That's right! Up until now there was one final scene that Sam wrote but never shot. He demanded springtime. Now, in late May, we finally got some spring weather.

This means that everything is shot, edited, and color-graded. The credits are in. VFX and sound design are nearly done.


We're ready to show you what we've been working on for the last year.