Ramp-Up: A Call to Adventure


The time is nigh.

In three weeks, Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry will premiere to the whole world at the Duluth-Superior Film Fest. Exactly one year after the movie was first conceived. Eight months after we kicked off this Seed&Spark campaign. Three months after we wrapped production.

This movie is nearly done.

Soon the true adventure begins...

Soon the true adventure begins...


It's a weird feeling, being nearly done with a project you poured your heart and soul into.
It's weird knowing just how quickly it was pulled off, and how much we did with what little we had.
It's weird hearing people you don't even know talk about the trailer you made and say "This looks like an actual movie!"
It's weird hearing people who have seen the movie tell you they like it.


We've got something here. Something special. Something worth talking about. Worth sharing. I say this with zero ego.

And now it's time to look forward.

Forward to the festival circuit. We've been accepted to the Duluth-Superior Film Festival and to Gen Con Film Festival, and we're waiting on more announcements as the months go by.
Forward to the theatrical tour. We're about to partner with Tugg and we'll have more details soon about how you can host your own screening.
Forward to merchandise. We've got collectible items in the works that, very soon, people can buy.

Forward to distribution. Blu-rays. Downloads. Video-on-demand. We're looking at all options.

And forward to the next movie.


We're forming a production company. I want to be known as the one that makes fantasy films. I know a few other people with that same strong passion for fantasy. We know the fans are out there, and we know the fans deserve better than what they're getting.

Gleahan will be the first entry in the Battlemage Films catalog. It definitely won't be the last. Right now the team is developing some short films. Another feature is on the way, and you'll get an announcement from us when the time comes.

Will you join us?

Samuel T Weston
Writer & Director, Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry

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