DVD Progress and the Road Ahead


Oh, what a time to be alive! Fall leaves are making way for snow up here on the North Shore, creativity is running high on the Battlemage homestead, and we’re making progress on the Gleahan DVDs and downloads.

First, the Gleahan front: We’ve been toiling away at the DVD and Blu-ray features:

  • We had a blast recording the cast and crew commentary earlier this week.

  • Sam finished the Composer’s Cut a couple weeks ago.

  • Closed captions are done, and audio description for the blind is in the works.

  • November will see progress on the blooper reel and the deleted scenes.

Once those are done, we’re on track to have the first round of physical copies out to our pre-orders and Seed&Spark backers in time for Christmas!

We’re also putting out more fun videos on our YouTube channel (That’s right! We have one of those!) Over the next few months we’ll be releasing some clips from Gleahan, video essays about filmmaking and fantasy stories, and the occasional silly video.

Cue the dragons:

This abomination took 2 hours to cut together. Sam had way too much fun.

This abomination took 2 hours to cut together. Sam had way too much fun.

November will also feature our NaNoWriMo vlog, where the writing team will work on brand-new feature-length scripts and show you their process!

Once 2019 rolls around we’ll also start churning out the occasional short film. We’ve got several in the pipeline and, scheduling hiccups aside, the progress we do have looks amazing.

We’re really excited to show you all the things in our forge, and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.


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