Founded in the year twenty-eighteen of the Common Era, the Battlemage Films team hails from the forests and farmlands of Minnesota and beyond. We firmly believe that our homeland is the perfect playground to create fantasy movies, and as we grow we’ll continue to prove it. Between titles like Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry and Errant Worlds, our short films on YouTube, and all the other ideas we have in the forge, we hope you join us in laughing, weeping, and gaping in awe.

This is what Fantasy was meant to be.

our team


Sam Weston

creative director


Samuel T Weston is the wizard behind Battlemage Films. Raised in small towns all across Minnesota, he wrote fantasy books as a kid until he realized his cinematic mind was stronger. He finished his first feature, Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry, in 2018.

Sam always has half a dozen projects in the forge.

John Valen

operations Manager


John Valen is our Overlord. Growing up as a farm-boy in Iowa, John hand-crafted his own fantasy novel while constantly working two or three jobs at once. He has coordinated writing circles, production lines, and the infamous Wartburg Jedi Knights.

The Prophecy foretells that John will soon join us in Duluth.

Don Millikan



Don Frederick Millikan III is our Bard. Hailing from Ogilvie, then Duluth, and now Minneapolis, his devil-may-care enthusiasm constantly draws in new friends near and far. He starred in Battlemage’s first movie, Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry, and quickly found his way behind the scenes on more and more projects.

Don is an enigma who refuses to stay in any one box.